The CSL Story

We’ve built our business on delivering customized manufactured home lending solutions. The CSL Financial family of companies have been in the manufactured housing environment for many years. First, we provided retail financing direct to consumers. Then, as the lending environment became more complex, we stepped in to simplify the path to home ownership, with home sales and community management to support our retail lending programs. Our experience allows us to understand this unique business from every angle.

A new approach to Common Sense Lending.

Several years ago, we merged all of our industry knowledge to create a new-and-improved concept for manufactured home lending that was sorely missing in the market. We expanded our direction to include inventory financing for our retailers, allowing businesses like yours to take advantage of our Common Sense Lending programs.

For more than a year we diligently researched various markets across the nation speaking to industry professionals. It is on the groundwork of this extensive feedback and advice that we founded our retailer and home buyer operations from our base in Birmingham, Alabama.

We are not your traditional lender.

Certainly, CSL Financial has the advantages of agility and responsiveness on our side, in addition to our extensive industry know-how. Unlike many banks today, we underwrite and review every file without relying only on automated underwriting systems, allowing us to base our loan decision on the overall credit profile and not just the score.

Along with our growing reputation for attentive, compassionate service, CSL Financial is now one of the fastest growing lenders in the manufactured housing industry. Today, we provide Inventory financing and loan servicing for retailers and home buyers spanning the greater southeastern United States.